Golden Nude Macrame Cord 1.5mm 100m

Golden Nude

Macrame cord 1.5mm 100m/108yds

Width 1.5mm
Length 100m/108yds
Weight ~160g
98% Recycled Cotton
1% Polyester
1% Polyamide
100% recycled cotton
single twist
5 available

It’s a neutral shade with a dash of bling. We make it using Nude thread with an addition of a few golden threads. Nude an ideal alternative to Beige - it is lighter and warmer. This color can be described as delicate and creamy. It’s darker, more dusty and cooler than Natural.

Ideally suited to classic light macramé projects and wedding accessories. It will be a perfect choice for those who love glamorous style.

Baby Macramé Cord is a perfect choice for smaller projects.

It is the thinnest cord in our offer. Its diameter is 1.5mm.

We created it with macramé jewelry and small accessories in mind, such as watch straps or bookmarks. You can also add this cord to larger macramé designs for a subtle twist. However, it is only up to you to decide how to use it!

It is exceptionally soft, enhances the beauty of macramé knots and allows you to create beautiful fringes.

This cord is highly efficient. With one 100m spool, you can make many projects for your collection and give beautiful gifts to your loved ones.