To ensure excellent distribution and availability of our products on the market, we are willing to undertake business cooperation with partners from around the world.
If you run your own store, whether stationary or online, and would like Bobbiny to appear in it, we invite you to read the information below.


How do I become a wholesaler?

To become a wholesaler, it is desirable to have a registered business activity related to the "handmade" area. However, this is not a necessity. The candidate should have a sales account/platform (Etsy, website, etc.) or a stationary store where they will continue to resell Bobbiny products. Regular orders are also one of the conditions of cooperation.

Please complete the questionnaire found here. (Make sure you are logged out before clicking on the link). After submitting the form, we will contact you via the email address provided in the survey.


Where can I find a wholesale price list?

We provide the wholesale price list after registering the account and accepting the application. The price list is sent to the e-mail address provided in the questionnaire.

 2.      I am a craftsman. Can I get a wholesale offer?

The wholesale offer is intended only for shops selling handicraft products (haberdashery, online shops, art shops, etc.). If you are a craftsman and would like to promote our products, please contact us! We try to treat each application individually.

3.      Why was my wholesaler application rejected?

To become a Bobbiny wholesaler, you must meet certain requirements. The rejection of the application is most likely caused by their failure to meet them.

The most common reasons:

- Incorrect / Inaccurately completed questionnaire.

- In the candidate country, we already have a distributor of our products.

- Failure to meet the conditions.

 If in doubt, please contact us at

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