These terms and conditions determine the principles of purchases in the online shop run by the Seller under www.bobbiny.com

The Seller is Tomasz Urbaniak BO URBANIAK having its registered office in Warsaw, ul. Jana Olbrachta 94A, 01-102. Registered under the NIP (Tax Identification Number) number: 525 220 31 13, REGON (National Business Registry Number): 017205074 also interchangeably referred to as "the Service Provider".

The Seller is available:

  • - under Helpline phone numbers +48 538 443 352
  • - via e-mail: hello@bobbiny.com


1. Terms and conditions – these terms and conditions. With regard to e-services the terms and conditions are the terms and conditions referred to in Article 8 of the Act of 18 July 2002 on electronic provision of services (Journal of Laws Dz.U. of 2002 No. 144, item 1204 as amended).

2. The Customer (the Buyer) – a natural person who is at least 18, as well as a legal person and an organisational unit not being a legal person, who is granted such capacity by the detailed regulations, and who makes or intends to make the Order or uses other services of the Online Shop (also the Consumer).

3. Object of transactions - Goods listed and described on the website of the Online Shop. The Seller shall make every effort so that the offer presented on the websites is up-to-date. However, in the case some of the Ordered Goods are not available, the Seller shall be obliged to immediately inform the Buyer about the situation by phone or e-mail.

4. Good – a movable item, which the Sales Agreement applies to.

5. Additional service – service provided by the Service Provider for the Customer outside the Online Shop in connection with the nature of the products sold.

6. Product – Goods and Additional services presented at the Online Shop.

7. Sales Agreement – agreement to sell the Products as defined by the Polish Civil Code Act, concluded between the Service Provider and the Customer using means of distant communication (including by phone).

8. Bobbiny.com (the Shop, Online Shop) – a website available at www.bobbiny.com where the Customer may buy a Product.

9. Party – the Service Provider and the Customer.

10. Shop's website – each website or subsite at www.www.bobbiny.com

11. Order – the Customer's declaration of will clearly determining the type and the amount of Products, aiming directly at concluding a remote Sales Agreement via the Online Shop.


1. The condition for placing Orders at the Online Shop by the Buyer is to become familiar with these Terms and Conditions and approving its provisions during Order's implementation and Registering on the shop's website.

2. Online Shop Bobbiny.com conducts retail sales via the Internet.

3. Bobbiny is a full-value product developed as a result of cotton materials processing. Other products, including Bobbiny strings, are brand new. Selected products are hand-made, which makes them vary in shape, performance or colour within the same product type.


1. In order to register at the Online Shop Bobbiny.com (create Customer's account) fill in the registration form, stating full name or User name (nickname), e-mail address and password, accept the terms and conditions of the Online Shop Bobbiny.com and express your consent for your personal data to be processed in the scope necessary to initiate, shape the content, change, terminate and correct performance of electronically provided services and to deliver the Customer's orders.

2. Registration at the Online Shop Bobbiny.com, as well as using the functionality of the Online Shop Bobbiny.com are free of charge.

3. After registration at the Online Shop Bobbiny.com each logging in is carried out with the use of the data specified in the registration form.

4. In order to remove the Customer account from the Online Shop Bobbiny.com, send an electronic message with a request to delete the account via the address hello@bobbiny.com along with specification of e-mail address, currently registered at the Online Shop Bobbiny.com.


1. All prices stated on the websites www.bobbiny.com are gross prices given in PLN, EUR or USD (including VAT) Currency is selected automatically according to the country of the user. The prices given do not include costs of shipment.

2. Orders are accepted via the website.

3. Orders can be placed via the website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week throughout the whole year.

4. The order shall be effective if the Buyer correctly fills in the Registration form and the Order and correctly specifies the contact details including detailed address, where the Goods are to be sent, as well as telephone number and e-mail address.

5. In the event when the given data are not complete, the Seller shall contact the Buyer. If contact with the Buyer is impossible, the Seller shall have the right to cancel the Order.

6. The Buyer expresses their permission to issue and send electronically, to the given e-mail address, an electronic image of settlement documents, in particular such as: evidence of purchase, receipt, VAT invoice with appendices, correcting VAT invoice with appendices and forms. This consent shall also entitle the Seller to issue and send VAT invoices electronically, in accordance with the regulation of the Minister of Finance of 17 December 2010 on sending invoices in the electronic form, principles of their storage and the mode of disclosing to the tax authority or the Treasury Inspection body.

7. When placing the Order, the Buyer may express their permission to put their personal data in the database of the Seller's Online Shop for processing them in connection with the Order implementation. In the case of granting consent, the Buyer shall have the right to access their personal data, correct them and request their removal.

8. After the Customer has placed an effective order, they shall receive an automatic response from the shop confirming acceptance of the Order.

9. Time of commencing Order implementation shall coincide with the moment of crediting the bank account stated in the order for payment option "Bank transfer". In the case of payments made via PayU and Przelewy 24 order implementation begins as of the moment of payment confirmation by the selected portal.


1. Goods are sent to the address indicated in the order form or provided by phone or e-mail. The Shop shall inform the Customer immediately about an incorrectly filled Order form, which makes the shipment impossible or delayed.

2. The Shop shall be obliged to deliver goods to the Customer without unnecessary delay, but not later than 30 days after placing the order and payment.

3. The goods are delivered by means of specialised courier services or via Poczta Polska (Polish Post Office). There is a possibility to personally collect the goods at the Sellers' office.

4. The Buyer shall bear the costs of delivery (shipment) specified in the transport price list. The fees depend upon the type of transport, payment method and weight of the ordered product. The Buyer may become familiar with the price list at any moment by clicking the link "Shipment"


1.The Seller offers the following forms of payment for the Goods and Costs of delivery:
-electronic transfer (e-Card).
-transfer (traditional) or payment to the bank account of the Seller prior to Goods shipment,

After selecting an electronic transfer, the Customer shall be redirected to the bank's website. After logging in, the Customer shall receive a transfer form ready to be accepted stating the relevant amount, transfer title and recipient's data. Upon transfer acceptance, the Customer shall be redirected to the shop's website. Online payments are provided by Przelewy24.pl and PayU.

2. In the case of payment by bank transfer or payment to the bank account of the Seller, the transfer order should include the transfer title:
-the Customer's full name or company,
-Order number and the user

Data for the transfer:
Seller's bank account:
EUR currency:
IBAN: P L 90 1050 1025 1000 0091 4728 5291, Bank Identifier Code (SWIFT BIC): I N G B P L P W X X X
USD currency:
IBAN: P L 16 1050 0015 1000 0091 1424 6441, Bank Identifier Code (SWIFT BIC): I N G B P L P W X X X
BO Urbaniak
ulica Jana Olbrachta 94A
01-102 Warsaw

3. Each good sold has a receipt or personal evidence of purchase (invoice) issued.


1. The Consumer who concluded a remote agreement shall have the right to withdraw from the agreement without specifying the reason by submitting an appropriate statement in writing. It is, however, limited in time and shall be only granted for 14 days (legal basis: Article 7 passage 1 of the Act of 2 March 2000 on protection of some consumer rights and liability for damage caused by a hazardous product Journal of Laws Dz.U. No.22, item 271 as amended). This date is final and shall be understood as the date of receipt of goods, and when the agreement applies to provision of services – from the date of its conclusion. In order to meet the deadline it is enough to send a statement prior to its expiry.

2. Goods returned by means of this mode shall be accepted only if sent fully complete, and the product and accessories are undamaged with no signs of using, proving other use of the product than only to check it.

3. Pursuant to the Act, it is impossible to return products in the form of electronic files, which applies particularly to patterns and instructions in PDF.

4. In the case of exercising the right to withdraw from the agreement, the goods returned should be sent back to the address of the registered office of the Service Provider.

5. The return shipment should include a written statement on withdrawal from the Agreement and account no. for the shop to return the payment.

6. Within two business days from goods receipt along with a statement on withdrawal from the agreement, the shop shall check the product. If the product meets the requirements listed in item 3 hereof, the shop shall return the value of purchased goods no later than within 14 days from withdrawal from the agreement. Return shipment costs shall be covered by the customer.


1. In the case the product is not compliant with the agreement, the goods complained about along with a letter specifying the type of inconsistency as well as expectations concerning the manner of implementation of our obligations, should be sent back at the expense of the Seller (legal basis – the Act of 27 July 2002 on specific terms and conditions of consumer sale and amendment to the Polish Civil Code (Journal of Laws Dz.U. No.141 item 1176 as amended) and the Act of 2 July 2000 on the protection of certain consumer rights and the liability for damage caused by a hazardous product (Journal of Laws Dz.U. 2000 no. 22, item 271 as amended).

2. The Customer shall lose the rights specified in the Act on specific terms and conditions of consumer sale and amendment to the Polish Civil Code if, before two months has expired from stating that the product is not compliant with the agreement, they fail to notify the shop about this fact. To meet the deadline it is enough to send a notice prior to its expiry. In the event of sales not constituting consumer sales, the regulations included in articles 556-576 of the Polish Civil Code shall be excluded.


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1. In any cases not regulated in these Terms and Conditions, provisions of the Act of 2 March 2000 on protection of some consumer rights and the liability for damage caused by a hazardous product (Journal of Laws Dz.U. 2000 no. 22 item 271 as amended) as well as the Act of 27 July 2002 on specific terms and conditions of consumer sale and amendment to the Polish Civil Code (Journal of Laws Dz.U. 2002 No.141 item 1176 as amended), the Act of 23 April 1964-the Polish Civil Code (Journal of Laws Dz.U. 1964 no. 16 item 93 as amended) shall apply.

2. Any disputes resulting from the use of these Terms and Conditions and in connection with any agreements concluded between the Store and the Customers, shall be resolved by a competent Court according to the provisions on material and local property pursuant to the Act of 17 November 1964, the Polish Code of Civil Procedure (Journal of Laws Dz.U. No.43 item 296 as amended).

3. The Service Provider reserves the right to introduce changes to these Terms and Conditions with the proviso that the agreements concluded before change in the Terms and Conditions, the version of the Terms and Conditions binding at the time of placing an order by the Customer shall apply.

4. Date of publishing the Terms and Conditions 01 June 2014.