Posted On: wrz 19, 2022


It's Wine Red o'clock!

It's Wine Red o'clock! Limited edition of Bobbiny cotton cords in the perfect shade for the Autumn/Winter season. The dark and intense red color will suit elegant projects of bags and purses, trendy autumnal accessories, and also macrame wall-hangings for cozy interiors.

Please remember that this is a limited edition! We recommend stocking up your collection with more Wine Red - it will be a fantastic addition to Holiday projects and those for Valentine's Day! You can combine it with our other colors if you want to go a little bit wild!

Wine Red + Spicy Yellow together will create an explosive mix of warm and cozy colors. Our Wine Red will be a great combo with some Holiday vibes with Pine Green. You don't know in which project it will look the best? Check out our Instagram.

So? Would you like some Wine Red?

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