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Metallic Platinum 3ply Macrame Rope 3mm 50m | BOBBINY
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Metallic Platinum

3PLY Macramé Rope 3mm 54.7 yards

Width 3mm
Length 54.7 yards
Weight ~220g
3PLY twist
3x8 włókien
81% Cotton
28 available

Are you looking for some color between gold and silver? Our Platinum will work great! Another amazing metallic shade for your collection, perfect for some sparkling projects 

Shiny and rich metallic collection of our 3ply Macrame Ropes! Full of festive vibes and great company for our other shades.

The rope has a twisted structure, making it strong and easy to work with.

It is an excellent choice for people who want to give their work an original effect. Perfect for both macrame and crochet techniques. You can create unique key rings, handbags, or home decorations with it.