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Golden Beige

3PLY Macramé Rope 1.5mm 100m/108yds

Width 1.5mm
Length 100m/108yds
Weight ~210g
3PLY twist
98% Recycled Cotton
1% Polyester
1% Polyamide
28 available

Classic beige with the addition of gold. This is amazing! Multipurpose, but still unique. It will be great for autumnal projects, but also it will look beautiful in the sunlight.

1.5mm 3ply  Macrame Rope is a perfect choice for smaller projects.

We created it with macramé jewelry and small accessories in mind, such as headbands or earrings. You can also add this rope to larger macramé designs for a subtle twist. This rope is suitable not only for macrame techniques but also for crocheting or weaving.

We make a 3ply rope by twisting three separate strings into a spiral. Thanks to its unique structure, the cords are firm and also make a beautiful wavy fringe when brushed out.

1.5mm 3ply Rope is highly efficient. With one 100m spool, you can make many projects for your collection or gifts for your loved ones.