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Friendly Yarn Golden Natural| Bobbiny

Golden Natural

Friendly Yarn ~200 m / 218 yd

Length ~200 m / 218 yd
Weight ~100g
94% bawełna z recyklingu 4% poliester 2% poliamid
Tool size
4 mm
53 available

Friendly Yarn is a revolutionary product that combines the properties of cotton cord and yarn. It is thin and nicely soft. In the production process has been used recycled cotton. 

Its braided structure allows you to work efficiently with it, making it a great choice for beginners. Cotton yarn is the perfect alternative for materials of animal origin. It is more resilient against pilling, so it is an excellent choice for making items like tops, scarves, or dresses. It will also work with macrame or amigurumi technique.

Beginner Friendly | Eco Friendly | Vegan Friendly | Creativity Friendly

How to wash?

- by hand
- in temp. max. 30 degree Celsius
- dry flat